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Frequently Asked Questions

Underlay increases the comfort of the carpet, reduces noise, increases warmth and prolongs the life of the carpet.
We recommend new underlay with new carpet to give you the best comfort, best support, and to protect the life of your carpet.
AS /NZS 2455.1:2007 states that soft underlay shall have a service life no shorter than that of the textile floor covering, in accordance with the recommendations of the underlay manufacturer and the carpet manufacturer.
Carpet should never be laid over existing carpet or existing underlay, as this can cause permanent damage to the new floor covering.
Sleepyhead Flooring underlay is made from recycled polyurethane foam, which is sterilised during the manufacturing process.
Sleepyhead Memory is our best underlay product from a comfort, acoustic, health and thermal standpoint.
Memory foam is made from viscose-elastic foam, which releases energy slowly compared to standard polyurethane foam, giving it a more comfortable feel.
A hybrid underlay is made up of two different types of foams. For Sleepyhead Memory, this is visco-elastic memory foam and standard polyurethane foam.
The blend of the two foams optimises the performance characteristics of each foam.
Sleepyhead Memory can be purchased at most Flooring Xtra, Smiths City or independent stores. Find your local store here.
Memory foam is used in many products around the home. Most mattresses and pillows, footwear, blankets, technology gadgets, sports products and many items for medical use contain memory foam.
Sensitive Choice is a program which provides information for those people who suffer from asthma and allergies. All products that display the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly have been tested and verified by a panel of prominent technical experts. 
Sleepyhead Memory and Sleepyhead Refresh are approved by Sensitive Choice and are the best option for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.
The best underlay is the one that best suits your budget and needs.
Depressions will recover from the carpet underlay, however recovery of depressions will depend on the type of carpet used.                
All of Sleepyhead Flooring's underlay has been tested to and passes all of the Australian and New Zealand standards (AS /NZS 2111.2) for static point load recovery.    
All Sleepyhead Flooring underlays are independently tested by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority and certified to meet Australian standard AS4288:2003, which is the carpet underlay standard for New Zealand.
Sleepyhead Flooring underlay is made from 100% recycled foam, which would end up in landfill if it were not used in this manufacturing process.  
Sleepyhead Flooring has a New Zealand recycling program in place that collects old carpet underlay and underlay waste from flooring contractors/layers, which is sent back to us for recycling.

If you are interested in recycling your underlay please contact your closest flooring store.
Thermal insulation is determined by the density of the underlay. Higher density underlays provide better performance.
Sleepyhead Flooring underlay helps to reduce noise in a room by absorbing sound energy, contributing more noise reduction as the underlay density increases.    
Sleepyhead Flooring underlays have been proven to be effective in the use over heated floors, however lower density underlays are more suitable for this application to allow heat transfer.
Sleepyhead Flooring underlays are suitable for use under both wool and nylon carpets.
Sleepyhead Flooring underlays are all made in New Zealand at our manufacturing plant in Otahuhu, Auckland.
Sleepyhead Flooring underlay is warranted for the life of your new carpet.
Please contact Sleepyhead Flooring on 0800 753 377.
Free underlay samples are available from most Flooring Xtra or independent stores. Find your local store here.

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