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Sleepyhead is the largest bedding and foam manufacturer across Australasia. We’re built on an extensive knowledge base and strong family values which drives us to develop the best solutions for our customers and community. It is this thorough understanding of our materials and processes that allows us to create new products and expand our range. 

Innovation isn't just something we do here at Sleepyhead - it's who we are. We've been manufacturing innovative products since 1935, continually finding ways to improve our range in the bedding market and more recently, manufacturing only the highest quality carpet underlay. 

Sleepyhead Flooring has developed two unique underlay products, helping to bring a new level of comfort to your home: 
  • Sleepyhead Memory made with viscose-elastic memory foam
  • Sleepyhead Refresh made with Fresh Protect™ anti-bacterial treatment. 

For luxurious comfort

The healthier choice