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Sleepyhead Memory


Luxurious comfort underfoot. Bare feet love it. 

Experience luxurious comfort with every step you take on Sleepyhead Memory underlay. The unique hybrid combination of memory foam and traditional polyurethane foam distributes weight & surface pressure evenly for the ultimate in comfort. 





The visco-elastic memory foam used in Sleepyhead Memory underlay has superior acoustic properties compared to standard polyurethane foam underlays. With double the sound absorption of industry standard underlays, Sleepyhead Memory underlay is an ideal choice for multi-story living. 


Sleepyhead Memory underlay has been treated with Fresh Protect™ antimicrobial treatment to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould, and dust mites, and prevent allergic reactions from occurring. Fresh Protect™ is derived from coconut oil and is safe for people, pets and the environment. One in three New Zealanders suffer from allergies and one in six New Zealanders suffer from asthma. Sleepyhead Memory has been endorsed by Sensitive Choice as a better choice of carpet underlay for those people who suffer from allergies or asthma.


Sleepyhead Memory has enhanced thermal properties compared to industry standard underlay. Memory foam is denser than standard polyurethane foam, which reduces heat loss through the floor.

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