Ultrapet Pet Friendly Carpet Underlay
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Pet Friendly Living

This innovative new carpet underlay has been cleverly designed to protect against most common household spills and pet stains. Featuring StainShield, a new multi-layered, high density polyethylene barrier that helps prevent liquids absorbing into the underlay and into the substrate.
UltraPet Carpet Underlay has been engineered to limit any fluids soaking into the underlay thanks to its protective barrier Stainshield. This advanced technology provides a thicker, more moisture resistant laminate barrier, so fluids can be easily cleaned up before penetrating the underlay.
Soft Plastic Recycling
Sleepyhead Ultrapet Underlay packaging is fully recyclable. This plastic can be repurposed and used again, helping eliminate waste from landfill.
New Zealand Made Quality
Manufactured in New Zealand by one of New Zealand’s most trusted brands, Sleepyhead.
Fresh Protect
Antimicrobial protection against mould, bacteria and dust mites that’s safe for people, pets and the environment.
Extended Warranty
When purchasing Victoria Carpets UltraPet range in conjunction with Ultrapet Underlay your carpet will qualify for a 25 year warranty.

Thickness: 11mm
Density: 130kg/m3
Roll Length: 10 metres (5 broadloom metres)
Feel: Plush/Medium
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