Luxurious Comfort Underfoot. Bare Feet Love it.

New Zealand's most luxurious underlay.
Sleepyhead Memory is a unique hybrid combination of traditional foam and advanced memory foam.
The unique blend of foams in Sleepyhead Memory helps distributes weight and surface pressure evenly for the ultimate in luxurious comfort and feeling underfoot that is unsurpassed.
The memory foam used in Sleepyhead Memory underlay has significantly better acoustic properties than polyurethane foam used in some traditional underlays. With up to double the sound absorption of a traditional underlay, Sleepyhead Memory is an ideal choice for multi-story living.
Sleepyhead Memory is treated with Fresh-Protect™, an anti-microbial compound that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and dust mites and helps reduce allergens and asthma triggers for the one in three Kiwis who suffer from asthma or allergies.
Up to 60% more dense than traditional polyurethane foam underlay. Sleepyhead Memory’s enhanced thermal properties help reduce heat loss through the floor for a warmer house.
Thickness: 11mm Density: 130KG
“Sleepyhead Memory underlay feels beautiful underfoot. The unique combination of traditional foam and advanced memory foam are simply luxurious, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the people who make New Zealand’s most comfortable mattresses.”
Underfloor Indulgence

Find out why Sleepyhead Memory is New Zealand's most luxurious underlay.

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How to Choose an Underlay

Find the underlay best for you. All products are measured on two factors; The thickness of the carpet underlay and

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