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Why Sleepyhead Underlay

Sleepyhead has been making premium mattresses and beds since 1935 and is trusted by New Zealanders. With a solid base of knowledge and experience, and a dedication to innovation, Sleepyhead Flooring began manufacturing in 1996. Since then, we have set the quality standards and continually raise the benchmark for carpet underlay in New Zealand. Sleepyhead Flooring is committed to sustainability and recycling. All of our underlay is manufactured using recycled scrap foam from our facilities across Australasia, as well as from Asia and America. This foam is then heat bonded and laminated to produce an incredibly stable product that prevents stretch and shrinkage – superior to some imported products on the market.


Underlay needs to not only feel great underfoot, it needs to perform. To back up the quality of our flooring underlay we have had independent tests conducted.
All of the underlay products manufactured by Sleepyhead have been tested and have been passed by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority to the NZ standard AS 4288:2003 Soft Underlay for Textile Floor Coverings.
In addition to this Sleepyhead has tested for Thermal and Acoustic insulation properties.

New Zealand Made

Sleepyhead is proud of the fact that all our carpet underlay is made in New Zealand, by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders.
All of our underlay is manufactured at our Otahuhu factory and is shipped to customers throughout New Zealand.
You can be safe in the knowledge the all Sleepyhead Flooring products are designed and manufactured for New Zealand conditions.

Acoustic Insulation

Sound travelling between floors in a house can be really annoying. If you've ever been frustrated from footsteps above, or talking from below, a quality carpet underlay will provide Acoustic Insulation for your home.
The NZ Building code minimum standard for Acoustic insulation is 11C 55 (Carpet and underlay combined). Sleepyhead's 11mm x 130kg has been tested to 11C55 without carpet.

Thermal Insulation

The value of a quality underlay in contributing to the thermal insulation of a house is often overlooked. The NZ building code minimum standard for thermal insulation is R1.3. Sleepyhead's 11mm x 130kg underlay has been tested to R.34. This contributes to 26% of the required standards.
It makes sense for you to include a quality underlay to ensure your home is effectively thermally insulated and you are not losing heat through your floor.
If your home includes underfloor heating Sleepyhead Flooring's underlay can be used along with the heating system.


Sleepyhead Flooring underlay is actually good for the environment.

Sleepyhead Flooring use 100% recycled/scrap (PU) polyurethane foam, this raw material would be destined for landfill if it was not used in our manufacturing process, It is sourced locally and from overseas. Sleepyhead Flooring also has a NZ recycling programme in place that collects used carpet underlay and underlay waste from flooring contractors /layers, this is sent back to us for cleaning and recycling.

Quality Guarantee

When you choose Sleepyhead Flooring carpet underlay you can do so with confidence and risk free.
If there are any issues with your carpet underlay we will replace at no cost as well as cover the cost of the labour to replace. 

Choose Sleepyhead Flooring carpet underlay knowing that you can trust in Sleepyhead.


We want to be the supplier that people ask for so being part of the Flooring industry in New Zealand is important to us.
Sleepyhead is a registered member of Floor NZ and contributes to the ITO apprentice training scheme.

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