Fresh Protect ™

Fresh Protect

Fresh Protect™ is a bio-based, non-leaching, green technology that delivers microbial performance with environmental integrity. Bonded to the foam during the manufacturing process, Fresh Protect™ is non-toxic and completely safe for use around people and animals.

Fresh Protect™ is derived from lauric acid in coconuts. Lauric acid is a natural and highly effective anti-bacterial,  anti-fungal, and anti-viral protection, that is activated and enhanced during the manufacturing process.

Fresh Protect™ is tested against the following standards;

  1. Microbial activity

Qualitative test method ASTM 2471, Standard Test Method for Using Seeded-Agar for the Screening Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity

Complete inhibition of the challenge bacteria and mould were noted for both Fresh Protect™ re-bonded foam samples in the ASTM 2471 test. No growth was observed on the open cell foam nor scrim layer.

2. Fungal activity

Quantitative test method ASTM G 21, Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi

Both Fresh Protect™ foam samples submitted resisted mould colonization under these test conditions. The control material was heavily colonized with mould.

This is now standard across our whole range of underlays, residential and commercial.

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