Why you should buy New Zealand Made carpet underlay

Imported Products

Buying imported cheap carpet underlay is without doubt a false economy. What feels great after installation, will unlikely feel good in 8-10 years time as will an NZ made product. Then there are the potential issues with warranty claims from an overseas manufacturer. Carpet and the underlay may have to be replaced well before it’s time.

Consumer New Zealand itself ​advises anyone to avoid cheap imported underlays ​of any type. ​A good underlay is a cost-effective way of improving your carpet’s feel and durability. At Sleepyhead Flooring​, we’ve spent the past 24 years building this into our elevator pitch. You just can’t beat a quality​ New Zealand Made​ product. And you are buying peace of mind at the same time. 

But let’s drill it down to why you should buy local New Zealand carpet underlay.

Step out on sustainable

Sleepyhead ​as a business has been giving Kiwis the gift of great sleep since 1935. This family owned business began its sustainable journey to helping out our planet when it launched Sleepyhead Flooring in 1996. It was the perfect marriage, with foam offcuts from our factories being diverted away from landfill into the ​foam underlay ranges ​you find at Sleepyhead Flooring today. Our products are 100% made of recycled foam & part of our ​recycling programme includes the collection of uplifted and scrap underlay from installations, which we clean and reuse. Imported underlays are not recyclable in New Zealand.

Buy local, get quality

When you buy from us, you are buying not only a quality product, but you know you’re buying New Zealand Made carpet underlay. Sleepyhead has been voted Most Trusted Brand by Reader’s Digest in the bedding category for the past seven years. Our New Zealand factories in both Auckland and Christchurch employee locals and are very much part of the communities they are based around. All our carpet underlays come with a warranty for the life of your carpet. Plus, we comply with the New Zealand standard for carpet underlay ​AS4288:2003. In New Zealand, we strictly adhere to this standard for ​residential​ and ​commercial ​carpet underlay. Many underlays on the New Zealand market – often imported from overseas – don’t comply with this standard so are of inferior quality.

Healthier Choice

We offer the only carpet underlay in New Zealand that contains the antimicrobial treatment Fresh Protect for a healthier home or business. Fresh Protect, a coconut-based product, helps inhibit growth of bacteria and mould in your underlay, and fights off bad odours that can often develop. Our premium underlays,​ Memory​ & ​Refresh​ are Sensitive Choice endorsed. What does this mean? Across the ditch, the National Asthma Council of Australia has put its stamp of approval on these two underlays for being suitable for anyone suffering from allergies or respiratory problems.

Our Manufacturing Process

How do we make foam carpet underlay? We collect excess foam from our factories in NZ and Australia as well as uplifted and excess underlay from installations– that would have all gone into landfill. It’s then shredded into much smaller pieces, which are mixed with a binding agent and steamed to high temperatures to sterilise and bind the underlay together. Once this happens, the bun that is created is then dried and peeled to the required thickness. We produce a range of underlay products with varying thicknesses and densities. ​At Sleepyhead Flooring, we don’t use toxic glues to laminate our underlay products which are used in inferior imported underlays and prone to delamination (the laminate lifting off over time). Sleepyhead uses a superior heat lamination process where all laminates are adhered without toxic glues.

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